Unite Homeschool Support Network!

Equipping and Supporting Homeschool Families through in-person events & online resources.

About Unite Homeschool

If you have only just found us - we recommend you start with our home page: www.UniteHomeschool.com
We are a growing network of homeschooling families throughout Georgia, with smaller more local groups for local connections and activities. We are all devoted to investing in and growing the next generation. 
Join our community to learn and grow with us. We offer online support & encouragement, field trip opportunities and in-person events. 

Having one centralized place for everything related to homeschool, makes it easy to find resources and keep focused on what matters most.

Our goal is to equip the parent-teacher to be the best they can so that their children will thrive.

We strive to accomplish this goal in 4 simple ways:

✔Engage homeschool families with one another.

✔Exchange ideas, resources, and tips to 

provide new ways to succeed.

✔Equip homeschool parents with tools to 

help their families thrive.

✔Enrich the lives of our members through events and community opportunities.


Here is a short preview tour of our network:

If you manage a co-op or activity group, wish to join our leadership team or wish to market your services to our members please contact our board of directors so that we can give you the best possible discount or partnership! 

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If you have a difficult financial situation, please apply here to be considered for a free sponsored membership: